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MODEL GP-M3000 Series


  • Designed to a Higher Specification with "Mechatronics"
  • Mechatronic Technology Design Offers an Unparalleled Degree of Stability in Machine Movement.
    Mechatronic Bag Feeding
    Mechatronic Bag Tapping
    Mechatronic Sealing
(1) All New "SPS" Bag Feeding Unit
Allows for easier, quick loading of bags into the conveyor. Dramatically reduces bag transfer failures.
(2) The Surface Deck Area is Completely Bolt-less
Significantly improved@Hygienic design for cleaning.
(3) Three (3) Minutes Product Change-Over Design
Decreased 10:1 change-over time when compared with other models requiring 30 minutes.
(4) Automated, Self-Adjusting Bag Tapping Mechanism
Three tapping factors: Bottom tapping time, Frequency and Strength are adjusted automatically.
(5) Automated Sealing Time, Pressure and Temperature Control
Correspond to Traceability
(6) In-Line Bag IJP Code-Printing Capabilities Surface Area has Doubled
Able to handle various types of Bag Design.
All New "SPS" Bag Feeding Unit
All New "SPS" Bag Feeding Unit
※SPS: Side-Step Positioning System


GY The bag feed system is to automatically supply bags one by one from the bag feeder previously set with several hundreds of bags.
UR Standard type corresponding to back sealed three-side-seal bag, four-side-seal bag, or four-side bag with fastener.
USR Correspond to standing pouch. Also applicable to back sealed three-side-seal bag, four-side-seal bag, or four-side-seal bag with fastener.
UST Almighty highest-end model capable of handling standing pouches with fasteners.


Applications Powders, granular products, seasonings, sugar, salt, snacks, chemical products, etc.
Capacity 15`65 Bag/min
(depend on products)
Bag Size
Width:100 - 230mm
Length:130 - 380mm
Filling Range Max 1,000g (2,000g by option)
Machine dimensions
Width: 1,491mm
Length: 3,250mm