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We will achieve greater social contribusion through the growth and development of our business.

Constuction of good relations with environment and society

While public awarence about environmental preservation and energy saving rises, General Packer promotes implementation of energy-saving designs in our product developments.
We reduce the cost on customer side and cotribute to environmental preservation as a member of society at the same time.
In addition, we package foods and medicines and medical supplies safely and securely, thereby contribute to their smooth distribution; we believe our business has significant raison d'être in terms of both sociability and public benefit. We continue to set up further efforts so that we can fulfill greater social contribution through the growth and development of our business.

This monument stands in front of the Head Office;
symbolizing our wish to "make human lives in the 21st century more affluent and full of promise."

Promoting diversity toward the future, aiming for further growth

In General Packer, we have relatively many young employees for a machine manufacturer at the moment due to our aggressive recruitment of engineers. In the future, we intend to promote greater diversity in our hiring (implementation of diversity in human resource policy), including recruitment of global human resources that will be required in order to meet our growth goal of broadening our reach in overseas markets, as well as improvement of our ratio of female workers.