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Corporate Governace


Reinforcement of corporate governance is one of the high-priority issues in our management.
We aim to operate the company with high sincerity and transparency to become a company trusted and supported by all stakeholders. In organizational control, we enforce various measures including reinforcement of aduit function by outside corporate auditors and internal control function to enhance corporate governance.

Corporate Governance System

Board of Directors

As of October 31, 2016

President Terunobu Umemori
Managing Director Koutarou Ozeki in charge of Control Division
and Material Division
Managing Director Kanshige Suzuki  
Director Kenji Makino in charge of Development Division, Technology Division, and Production Division
Director Tsuyoshi Ozeki General Manager, Sales Headquarters, in charge of System Soulutions Division
Director (Outside) Nobuyuki Ido
Standing Auditor
Yoshio Fukui
Auditor (Outside) Hiroshi Murahashi
Auditor (Outside) Ichirou Asai