2. Advantage of product

Various models for contents and functions are arranged, and the option is also enhanced.
It is possible to apply all specific needs.

Optimal solutions to the diversified and sophisticated needs of customers

At General Packer, "total planning" means formulating and proposing systems that integrate all of the relevant processes, from manufacture to final shipment, and includes such tasks as conveying, weighing, filling, packaging, checking, accumulation, and cartoning.
Total planning delivers two major benefits. First, it allows General Packer to handle all processes previously done by multiple companies. This helps rationalize and otherwise optimize the entire packaging process, leading to lower costs and shorter lead times. Second, we can leverage our strengths as an independent company to supply the best possible products from the various manufacturers of weighing, filling, and other machines. The result is the ideal packaging system for each customer. Taking advantage of these two benefits, General Packer provides customized solutions to the diversified and sophisticated needs of the market.
We have shipped numerous comprehensive packaging systems for such items as food, industrial chemicals, health foods, and medicines and medical supplies. Responding to the demanding requirements of customers, we will promote "total planning solutions," from selection of optimal equipment to development and installation of systems, as well as subsequent maintenance and after-sales service.

Creating original products through exhaustive R&D

Our packaging machines incorporate the latest technologies based on original expertise accumulated over the past four decades. These include pouch-feeding, high-gas-substitution, and sealing technologies. We pioneered the industry in mechanical and rotary packaging technologies, and our sophisticated mechanisms, which consist of advanced cam-link configurations, are praised by customers for their excellent stability and durability. We also have a hybrid system incorporating a flexible balance of highly functional, state-of-the-art electronics technologies. This system is unrivaled in the industry.

Comprehensive support from consulting to after-sales service

We offer proposal-based solutions aimed at providing the best possible systems in the fastest possible manner. This involves an integrated series of tasks, from initial meeting to analysis, design, proposal, manufacture, installation, test operation, and after-sales service. In these ways, we are creating a comprehensive support system for our customers. Our comprehensive support system benefits from mutually beneficial alliances with manufacturers of packaging and related equipment. Here, we have built cooperative relationships with a number of top-level companies. We take advantage of the specific strengths of each company to create comprehensive, integrated systems that perfectly match the packaging requirements of customers. In order to respond swiftly to diversifying needs, we take possession of highly versatile "semi-finished" products, into which we can quickly incorporate the specific functions required by the customer. This helps shorten delivery times. Reflecting our "absolute customer devotion" policy, we will continue developing technologies that will enable us to fill all types of orders.

Technological development prioritizing environmental protection and safety

Since our establishment, we have emphasized development of safe and hygienic packaging machines in our R&D endeavors. As a consequence, we have built a reputation of trust for supplying machines that are not only safe but also functional and easy to operate. Many of our mainstay machines bear the PASS Mark (issued by the Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association), the industry benchmark for safety and hygiene in packaging and packing machines. In recent years, consumers have become more concerned about safety and hygiene management during foodstuff distribution. For this reason, we regard development of products that are environmentally friendly and safe as our social responsibility. Reflecting this stance, we promote development of hygienic products that meet hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) standards, as well as technologies to ensure enhanced safety in light of the Product Liability Law. Saving energy and resources is also a priority. Here, we are working to promote resource-saving packaging in response to the enactment of the Container & Packaging Recycling Law, which targets containers made of paper or plastic.

Rotary packaging machines

Automatic Packaging machine actively utilized in every industrial field.

Applications for filling pouches and bags range from smaller retail packages to large volume bulk retail and institutional bag, including large capacity gusset bags and stand-up pouches with zippers.

Candies, rice cracker, snacks, frozen foods, seasonings,pet foods, health foods, medicines, powder detergent,manure, fertilizer, ice, etc

Gas flush filling


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