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Corporate history

1961 Hisashi Takano establishes Toyo Shoji Ltd. in Nagoya City to specialize in the sale of automatic packaging machines.
1962 Mr. Takano establishes General Packer Co., Ltd., to develop and manufacture packaging machines.
1964 General Packer enters the flour ,sugar ,and salt packaging business with the development of the all-purpose GP-105MB pouch forming-filling-sealing machine, which becomes a mainstay model.
1966 General Packer Sales Co., Ltd., is established through the name change and reorganization of Toyo Shoji , the Companyfs sales arm.
1969 General Packer Sales Co., Ltd., absorbs General Packer Co., Ltd., and assumes the latterfs name, capitalized at \10 million.
The head office moves to its current location.
1975 General Packer enters the dried bonito flake packaging business with the development of the GP-VG-50, a fully automatic gas-flushing-type packaging machine.
1976 The company enters the polished-rice packaging business with the development of the GP-R2, the industryfs first fully automated polished-rice packaging machine.
1977 General Packer commercializes its gTechno Pack Systemh, a gas-flushing method developed through R&D on new gas-flushing@technologies.
The new head office building is completed at the present site.
1978 The Company develops the GP-GS series, a gdouble rotary typeh gas-flushing-type packaging machine with high gas substitution efficiency, using the gas-flushing method.
1985 The Tokyo Sales Branch is established in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.
1989 New company building completed adjacent to main plant.
East No.1 plant also constructed nearby.
1996 The System Sales Department is established, allowing the Company to accept orders for packaging systems.
The SS-50 series of bag accumulation-cartoning machines is also developed.
1997 Capital increased to \20 million in August and \50 million in December.
Employee shareholder system set up.
1998 Capital increased to \155 million.
East No.2 plant constructed next to East No.1 plant.
2001 The Planning & Development Department is set up within Development Division.
2002 The GP-GS series of gas-flushing-type packaging machines earns an award for excellence from the Japan Food Journal.
2003 The Company is listed in the JASDAQ market.
2004 New south building is completed next to the main plant on the south.
2007 New plant (East building) building completed adjacent to main plant.
2011 The company is listed on the Second Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
2012 Capital and business alliance with YE DATA INC.
Acquired ISO 9001 accreditation.
2015 The Shanghai Representative Office is established in China.
2016 General Packer China Co., LTD. is established in Changshu, Jiangsu, China.
Osa Machinery Co., LTD. becomes a subsidiary upon acquisition of all of its shares.