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We aim for the ideal of an enduring and growing company where employees take pride in their work and exert the sprit of "creativity and challenge." Through the achievement of ideal, we intend to develop together with all our stakeholders, i.e., "the society, stock holders, customers, client, and employees." We appreciate your trust in our future and we look forward to a continuing relationship with you in the years to come.

Business Domains

Main users


  • Foods
  • Medicines and medical supplies
  • Chemicals
  • Other fields (Pet foods etc)

Business Models

Business Models

Top manufacturer making the most of strengths in systems for dry goods

The strength of General Packer's system truly shines in packaging systems for dry goods such as foods,chemicals, medicines and medical supplies (powder, granulated powder, and solid materials).
We maintain our position as top manufacurer by providing solutions to the diversified and sophisticated needs of our customers.
Achieved the No.1 share of the bag-packaging machine markets in many fields! (the Japanese market)
(Milled products, Dried bonito packs, Crushed ice, Drip coffee, Polished rice, Health-food sachets)