Mid-term Management Plan

Mid-term Management Plan

Fifth Mid-term management plan (August 1, 2017 to July 31, 2020)

Mid-term Management Vision

  1. Become the trusted General Packer group in the world

  2. Solution company with Open Innovation

  3. Challenge spirit and vibrant "manufacturing company"

Basic strategies

Aim to expand overseas business with further growth

Numerical targets (Consolidated)

Fiscal Year Ending July 31, 2020

Net sales 7,700 million yen
Ordinary income 475 million yen
Net income 320 million yen
Ratio of ordinary income to net sales 6% or higher
Return on assets [ROA] 6% or higher
Return on equity [ROE] 8% or higher

*Net income attributable to owners of the parent
*ROA ; Ordinary income/Average total assets