Product Type

Automatic Packaging machines

Packaging quality of General Packer expanding widely across the world

Growth focused on machines for pet foods and frozen foods

The beautiful finish and gas-flushing technology of our products are highly regarded.

Advanced "rotary packaging technologies" permit packaging of high quality and difficulty

System Solutions

Pouch filling-sealing machines

This machine is designed for handing the premade bags. Several hundred pieces of bags are set in bag magazine, firstly picks up a bag and feeds automatically, opens the mouth of bags, fills the products, seals the bag and discharges the packaged products continuously.

Bag making & filling-sealing machines

This packaging machine has bag-making function using rolled heat-sealable tubular or flat film and grips both upper side of bag, opens the mouth, fills the products, seals the bag and discharges the packaged products all automatically.

Gas-flushing type packaging machines

This packaging machine is for premade bags and has function to pack automatically many kinds of foods. The air surrounding a food product is replaced by an inert gas like N2 or CO2, at atmospheric pressure and package is gas tight sealed for prolong shelf life.

Residual O2 levels:Down to 0.5%(Depend on filling product)

Special type automatic bag filling and sealing machines

We provide variety of models from almighty for gusset, stand or flat bags to machines used for special-purpose such as tray-insert net filling.

System Solutions

We provide a one-stop solution service.

Designs and proposals of our System Solutions Division allow rationalized and optimized packaging processes to be achieved from the viewpoint of overall optimization. This approach contributes to lower costs and shorter lead times at the production sites of our customers.

Example of delivered solutions

  • Flour packaging system
  • Pasta packaging system
  • Drip coffee packaging system
  • Rice packaging system
  • Stick packages outer packaging system
  • Intravenous solution bag (single, double) packaging system
  • Ampoule filling gas substitution packaging system
  • Medical device packaging system
  • Health foods packaging system
  • Pet foods packaging system
  • Seed and seedling packaging system